The walse of the Ambassadors.............and the PDS

Sfeir & Nasrallah

On my PC ,  I do listen to some Lebanese Radio stations

one of which informed us today that the British Ambassador

in Beirut went up to meet the Maronite Patriarch, in his Palace,

to convey the greetings of Tony Blair who apologised

for not being able to meet with him during his very short visit

to Beirut...........yesterday.

As a matter of fact , such a piece of news is no news
and I would consider it  rather a "Gossip".......
the fact to the matter is that this same British Ambassador
has visited 183 times that Patriarch , the last 36 months.
This record is only broken by the French Ambassador ( 216 times).
If we do not count the local Postman.........Mr. Hanna Boulos Mitri Girgis Michael Challita.
And to put all things in perspective ,
we note that the Iranian Ambassador in Beirut
has visited El Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah
only 11 times the last  36 months.
What do we conclude , here ?? :
1- The Maronite Patriarch is feeling more lonely. (than El Sayyed Nasrallah)
2- El Sayyed Hassan is indeed a Sayyed and need no coaching.
3- The French and the British Ambassadors have a lower IQ
     and need more advises and instructions from the Maronite Patriarch
     (if not vice versa).
4- Western Ambassadors in the Lebanon are confused between
    the Foreign Ministry building and the Residence of the Patriarch.....
5- Supporting my conclusions , I would add that the Iranian Ambassador
    has visited Boustros-Palace ,which is the Lebanese Foreign Ministry,
    more often than both the French and the British , together.
6- and finally I conclude that Diplomacy is suffering from non-diplomatic-steps,
    otherwise known as " interference with internal-national-matters"
    otherwise known as  the PDS "post-decolonisation-syndromes"
    (Like, for example, when a divorced husband who would still go clean the dishes for his ex- wife....)
Anyhow , Tony Blair has made his first and last visit to Beirut
and I am sure the City-public-health-authorities of Beirut
shall clean up behind him , and shall disinfect thoroughly.
Sherlock  Hommos
13th of September 2006

PS :
for the non-arabic-speaking-readers ,
Sayyed means "Lord" or "Sir" or "Gentleman"
and in Nasrallah's case he is a descendant of the Prophet's family.