20 Palestinians were killed whilst sleeping this morning by Israeli shelling.

Some photos from the brutal massacre in Bayt Hanun (Nortehrn Gaza) , agains the Palestinian civilians by the (sole democratic country in Middle East-Israeli Army).
20 civilians are dead 45 are injured, 10 of them are children; 13 from the same family (only this morning
During the Israeli brutal attack this week 70 civilians are dead & more than 300 are injured.

Please open the files & see the photos

Early Wednesday morning, Israel launched a barrage of shells on a residential area in Bayt Hanun, killing at least 20 Palestinian civilians, including 10 children and 4 women, and wounding over 40. 13 of them from the same family.
(see in the photos, the man who lost 13 of this family)


Even before this latest atrocity, Israel had killed over 63 Palestinians & injured more than 300 in the Northern Gaza Strip in just a week.

End the Genoside of the Palestinian people......

 Please open the file to see.....




House of Commons, London SW1


Please make an appointment with your MP NOW!

 Stop Starving the Palestinians - Stop Arming Israel

Restore Aid to the Palestinian Authority

Release Palestinian Parliamentarians
Respect Palestinian Democracy



Called by:

Palestine Solidarity Campaign



And organisations including:

Arab Media Watch

Jews For Justice For Palestinians

Pax Christi

Palestinian Return Centre

Friends of Al Aqsa

Amos Trust

Palestinian Forum in Britain


Friends of Lebanon

War on Want

Midlands Palestinian Community Association (MPCA)

Campaign Against the Arms Trade

British Muslim Initiative







Jewish Socialists’ Group

Stop the War Coalition



Come and meet us in the briefing room W1 from 3 to 6pm.


The lobby of Parliament will be followed by a meeting in Committee room 12, Westminster Palace at 7pm with Dr Manuel Hassassian, Palestinian General Delegate to the UK, Jeff Halper ICAHD, Barry Camfield Asst. General Secretary TGWU, Richard Burden MP and Gerald Kaufman MP.




Palestinians are facing a humanitarian catastrophe following the blockade imposed by the EU, US and Israel, suffering what the World Bank describes as an 'unprecedented economic depression'. Access to food, water and electricity is severely restricted in the Gaza Strip. Israel is assaulting basic democratic rights by imprisoning elected representatives of the Palestinian people, launching military assaults on the West Bank and Gaza which have killed over 260 Palestinians since June, and continuing to build the Apartheid Wall and settlements.


The lobby of Parliament is taking place on the UN's international day for Palestine. We are calling urgently for everyone to contact their MP to tell the British government to work to end the blockade on the Palestinian people, act on the decision of the Inter-Parliamentary Union to release the Palestinian parliamentarians held by Israel, and to end its arms trade with Israel.


The purpose of the lobby is to meet your MP and explain to them why you feel that these issues must be addressed immediately, calling on them to take action.


Please come along, whether you have spoken to your MP before, or have never contacted them before. Showing there is strong support for Palestinian human rights makes a difference!


To lobby your MP:


Firstly, contact your MP as soon as possible and arrange a meeting with them on Wednesday 29 November. If you don't know who your MP is, go to www.faxyoump.com or phone 020 7219 3000. Briefly explain to your MP what you would like to speak to them about.


Secondly, please let us know when you have an appointment with your MP so we can co-ordinate with other people in the same constituency - phone 020 7700 6192 or email info@palestinecampaign.org


Even if you do not manage to contact your MP in advance, you can still try to meet them on the day - just come along to the lobby and ask for a 'green card' which you then fill in to request that your MP meets you.


We will be able to brief you on how to lobby your MP on 29 November in the House of Commons.


Contact your MP today to make an appointment for the 29th November.


For more information please contact us:


Tel: 02077006192

Email: info@palestinecampaign.org





For more information on events, protests and news about Palestine in the UK please visit:



1) Urgent action: Join protest against Gaza massacres
2) Palestinians in Europe Call for Unity, End of Internal Division
3) The latest edition of Return Review - November 2006
4) Lobby of Parliament






The Palestinian Return Centre, London, urges all its friends and supporters to join the protest in front of 10 Downing Street tomorrow [9 November, 5.00-7.00pm] against the ongoing massacres in Gaza.


Without British political and economic support Israel could not execute this murderous campaign of innocent civilians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.


We urge you to turn out in massive numbers to demonstrate your opposition to what is happening in Palestine.


Silence in the face of these atrocities is bad enough. The maintenance of sanctions on the Palestinian people at this time is worse.






Palestinians in Europe Call for Unity, End of Internal Division 




In a petition made public Tuesday, 7 November, representatives of leading Palestinian organizations and institutions throughout Europe made a call for unity and an immediate end of internal strife and infighting.


Signed by hundreds of prominent Palestinian intellectuals and community leaders in Europe, the petition warned that the shedding of Palestinian blood is a ‘red line’ that must not be crossed. “The Palestinian blood is a red line, and political assassinations are a grave tragedy, that should neither be resorted to, nor threatened with.”


Under the headline, “Our People must Triumph over the Crisis One and United”, the petition made specific demands from the various factions and political movements that represent the Palestinian people.


“We raise our voices demanding unity for this nation, and we call all parties involved (in the current infighting) to face the current crisis in accordance with applicable moral and national principles, by favouring national accord over any other option, and for dialogue to become the only way to deal with our differences, and for the democratic gains of the Palestinian people to be preserved,” the signatories said.  


They also expressed concerns regarding “repeated plots that attempt to drag Palestinians into internal confrontations which are putting security of the Palestinian people at risk.” Moreover, the petition called on all Palestinian factions to “deny the opportunity to those who are hoping to capitalize on chaos and infighting,” and to focus on “exposing the external pressure and politics of siege.” Breaking the siege is possible, the petition contends, if it was met with national unison and cohesion.


We are certain that “our people’s unity and that of the various factions and parties in Palestine are sufficient to rise above the (unwarranted) designs being perpetrated against the Palestinian people.” 


The petition was signed by over three hundred leading activists and community leaders, led by:


Adel Abdullah, Vienna (Secretary General of the European Conference for Palestinians); Majed al-Zeer, London (Director of the Palestine Return Centre); Nidal Hamad, Oslo (Head of the Palestinian community in Norway); Abdul Bari Atwan, London (Editor-in-Chief of Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper); Ibrahim al-Jabrini, Austria (Head of the Palestinian Forum); Ahmed Muhaisen, Berlin (Head of the Palestinian community in Berlin); Adham Shehdeh, Ukraine (Head of the Palestinian Community in Kiev); Osama Shumarieh, Austria (A psychiatric, and head of the Palestine Society in Austria); Osama Abdulhalim, Sweden (Member of the General Secretariat of the Union of Palestinian Associations and Societies); Amjad Taha, UK (Right of Return Union in Britain); Amin Abu Rashid, Netherlands (The Palestine Forum); Jamal Hishmeh, Austria (Director of the Palestinian Expatriate Society); Hasan Shalayel, Spain (Head of the Palestinian community); Rajab Shamlakh, UK (Head of the Palestinian community in the UK); Zaher al-Beirawi, UK (Head of the Palestinian Forum); Zeid Tyem, Netherlands (Head of the Palestinian community in the Netherlands); Sami Saba’neh, Switzerland (Deputy Head of the Union of Palestinian University Students); Saleh Tartusi, Vienna (Honorary Head of the Palestine Society in Austria); Imad al-Haj al-Fannan, Sweden (Director of Jerusalem Institute); Omar Faris, Poland (Head of the Palestine-Poland Friendship Committee); Fayek Saleh Syed, Sweden (Director of the Palestinian People Institute); Qassem Qassem, Finland (Secretary General of the Palestinian Refugees Association in Europe); Kamal Maqbul, Sweden (The Palestinian People Solidarity Committee); Muhsen Shumarieh, Austria (Head of the Palestinian Doctors and Pharmacists Union); Mohammed Ismail al-Syed, Sweden (Director of the Peace Committee for the Right of Return); Mohamed al-Abed, Berlin (Head of the Palestinian Doctors and Pharmacists Union); Mohammed al-Mo’ed, Sweden (Member of the General Secretariat of the Union of Palestinian Associations and Societies); Mohamed Salameh al-Syed, Denmark (Head of the Palestinian Forum); Mohammed Salah, Sweden (Head of the Palestine Cultural Committee); Mostafa Mohammed; Germany (Head of the Karmel Society); Munthir Mari, Austria (Head of the Palestinian community); Mosa Rifa’i, Sweden (Director of the Palestinian Justice Centre); Walid Iyad, Germany (Head of the Palestinian Doctors and Pharmacists Union); Yasir Hamoud al-Syed, Sweden (Head of the Palestinian Culture Society); Yahya Abed, Ireland (Director of the Palestinian Rights Institute).


The petition was also signed by hundreds of leading Palestinian academicians and activists throughout Europe.


The latest edition of Return Review- November 2006


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