Take Action against Isolation -- Free Ahmad Sa'adat!


Gaza-demo in Oslo



Asyl i Norge

Palestinere i Egypt: Reisedokumenter og oppholdstillatelser

Endring av utvisningsbestemmelsen for utlendinger som har barn i Norge

Extra financial assistance for swift return

969 asylsøkere i august

Rekord i frivillig retur

Faglærte kan lære norsk mens dei søkjer arbeid

 Foto 2day


Bishop Attallah Hanna’s visit was harassed by the Israeli Ambassador to Bulgaria

RToP London Session film | Russell Tribunal on Palestine

Take Action against Isolation -- Free Ahmad Sa'adat!

Foto: torsdag 09/09/2010 Gaza-markering i Oslo havn

Extra financial assistance for swift return


Sabra & Chatila

Sabra & Chatila 28 years 1982 -2010

Sabra and Shatila Massacre- video مجزرة صبرا وشاتيلا

I Cannot Think Too Much: Palestinian Refugee Camps Sabra and Shatila - TIME

Sabra and Shatila massacre

Alan Hart: Does the Palestinian Diaspora Care Enough To Become Engaged?

Sabra and Shatila massacres—why do we ignore them?

Save Palestine from the Israeli occupation



Poll: Half of Israeli teens don't want Arab students in their class

U.S. actors back Israeli boycott of West Bank theater

Boycott of Israel: Complete set of copyright-free cartoons

Gaza moments

Anti-Israel economic boycotts are gaining speed

A Palestinian Rent-Boy Goes to Washington

Anti-Israel economic boycotts are gaining speed

Ameer Makhoul is a key human rights defender

Action Alert: Stop Israel's Abuse of Palestinian Children

Tony Blair: 'I cried for Iraq war victims' - Written by Eng.Kotsh

(Monitor) Announce her  Vocational training & Professional development in Lebanon

JOIN US to support the families of the disappeared in Lebanon 

Campeggio 4 Viareggio 2010 - Sol. Palestina (11)

How to Kill Goyim and Influence People: Israeli Rabbis Defend Book's Shocking Religious Defense of Killing Non-Jews (with Video)

Sign Arabic-language petition against negotiations!

Almost 95 percent of the water pumped in the Gaza Strip is polluted and unfit for drinking




BDS SUCCESS: Norway Divests from Leviev Companies Due to Israeli Settlement Construction

Israeli Invasion of Lebanon, 2006: Fact and Fiction - By Brian Harring

From Lebanon to Syria to Jordan to Turkey

'Facebook soldier': I'd love to butcher Arabs

Paris artist started in Israel, stayed in Palestine

The Tears of Gaza Must Be Our Tears- By Chris Hedges

Palestinian on Hunger Strike Outside of Israeli Embassy in Berlin

Welcome to Cycling4Gaza! - Pisa - Rome

Video : Israel dumps waste on Palestinians

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Photo from Gaza


Ghassan Khanafani - In The Freedom Theatre

Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, July 11th, 2010

 The Second International Festival of Documentary Film Gaza Media Committee:

Kris Justice and Melissa dancing African dance and LOVE Palestine !!

Amira Hass Asks Obama to Imagine Life as A Palestinian Under Occupation

New webside :

Video with Vibeke Løkkeberg

Maryam Zohny - A Glimpse of Life for Palestine Refugees in Lebanon (2009-2010)

I Am Not A Palestinian Refugee In Lebanon - by dr. As`ad AbuKhalil

Gaza Freedom Graffiti in the Warsaw Ghetto

Dabka dans en muziek van The Orientals Group en zang van Abu Arab tijdens de afsluiting van het Arab Film Festival Rotterdam 2010

Cordes croisées Par :Amal Radwan ……Traduite par : Farah Souames



Hunger strike in north Norway ((Bodø))

Khaled Jarrar .. film : Journey 110 Trailer

Hazem Jamjoum about BDS

Hunger strike in north Norway ((Bodø))

Badil speaking tour with Hazem Jamjoum (lectures in English)

Oslo borough votes to boycott Israel

Poll: 65% of Jewish Israelis say U.S. Jews should criticize Obama's Mideast policy

The Helen Thomas' Resolution by Gilad Atzmon

Iran to send aid ships to Gaza


Unedited Video of Israeli Raid Posted Online

Please link to below mentioned link and select Palestine flag

I am Israel (Documentary Film) English version


From media

J Street Challenges AIPAC Over Flotilla Letter - by Marc Tracy > Tablet Magazine - A New Read on Jew

State aggression is finally a crime ... but how is it punished? - Chandra Lekha Sriram

Israeli company leads charge to supply world with vuvuzelas - Haaretz Daily Newspaper

Chuck Schumer On Gaza: 'Strangle' Them Economically


Karikatur Musa ajjawe



أرشيف - archiv

ِArchiv juni 2010





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