Update from Mads Gilbert, in Gaza:Its passed midnight. No ceasefire.
No rest for the children, women or humans either

Update from Mads Gilbert, in Gaza:

Its passed midnight. No ceasefire.
No rest for the children, women or humans either.
Like evil insects, the drones hum around us followed by roaring blasts from detonations.
The curtains in my window where I am writing this follow the shockwaves and I can feel it too, clearly. All windows are open so they do not shatter and spread lethal swarms of glass. There are so many lethal swarms here in Gaza. Grenades- and bomb-shrapnel, drone swarms, swarms of leaflets with threatening content to make the terrorization of civilians from the sky even harder.
It has been an awful day.
It is hard to describe 13 torn up bodies, decapitated, torn of limbs, charcoaled, kids cut in halves - they come to Shifa. Desperate cries for help, screams of pain.
Mothers collapsing paralyzed by despair when their dead children are recognized.
We work.
Intubate, cut of clothes, syringes and drips, trying to figure out where the damage is on the ones who still show any sign of life.
Today 24 were killed and 189 were injured, Not all of them come to Shifa, but many of them do.
We lost two "on the table", shrapnel to the pulmonary artery and massive head injuries. One torn of cava inferior was sowed by a very skilled artery surgeon -one in a group of 40 Palestinian doctors from the West bank who arrived yesterday.
Solidarity. New alliances between Palestinians. Large arabic delegations, there faces filled with expressions of shock are moved through the hospital at high pace while the sounds of detonating bombs remind them of the imminent in their political responsibility.
A family with children arrive in the early morning hours after Israeli bombers have blasted the largest bank in the center of Gaza. Daddy is furious and screaming for revenge while the kids listen with astonishment.
Timeout 0:44. Bloody hell, they are dropping bombs right next to us. Serial bombing.
How can anyone comfort their children in a night like this?
I doubt that "the world" can understand how this million-prison really is. There is in reality NO WAY of finding shelter, a way out, flight, protection, and the prison guards who are keeping everyone inside are constantly dropping bombs, using the strongest military force in the world.
What would have happened if Michelle Obama was here tonight with her two daughters? In a house in Beit Lahia a shanty town just outside of Gaza city, no lights, no security. What if she came running in with one of her beautiful children in her arms, hit by shrapnel - without any possible escape?
Would something change then?
I can not comprehend how Jens Stoltenberg (Norwegian premier), Espen and Inga-Marte (Esteemed Norwegian public profiles/politicians) and the others who said so much right about the war against terror and political violence just recently - how they - with their power to influence, HOW they can just sit quiet or even say that "Israel has a right to defend itself"?
They are not defending, they are attacking. Just like they have done for the last sixty years!
Have we not learned that wrongdoings must be stopped now, in our time, while we see and know and can take action? Not like some archeological operation with a looking glass of hindsight and cool historical distance to make the nauseating smell of betrayal easier to handle?
Dont send any more bandages, doctors, food and nonsensical declarations.
Stop the bombing.
Open Gaza.
End the occupation of Palestine.
Let the kids have peace.
Let mothers breastfeed their children.
Let the old drink fresh water.
Let the fishermen fish and the farmers farm.
Let teachers teach and kids be taught.
Let the youth travel and discover something other than siege, blockades and fear.
Let nighttimes soothing sleepiness drape like a blanket around years of longing for calm over the people of Gaza.
Then they don't have to defend themselves against an overwhelming power,
Then the weapons are lowered powerless to the ground
`If we create a world of human dignity - we create a world of peace`, said Nordahl Grieg.
Gaza in the terror of night.
00:40 21.11.2012 Mads Gilbert (- Trauma doctor at the hospital of Tromsoe, Norway now in Gaza)

الطفل الشهيد عبد الرحمن نعيم عمره عامين لم يري أباه الدكتور مجدي نعيم وهو طبيب في مستشفى الشفاء منذ 8 ايام ولم يرَ الطبيب ابنه لأنه بقي ينقذ حياة المصابين في

مجمع الشفاء الطبي لكنه رآه اليوم شهيداً في ثلاجة الموتي قَبل إبنه وودعه وعاد الي عمله في قسم الطوارئ استشهد عبد الرحمن عصر اليوم بعد أن اصابتة الخطيرة في القصف الصهوني لبرج نعمة ليله الامس حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل
Toddler Abedelrahman Na'em 2 years old passed away this afternoon after being injured last night in Zionist attack on Gaza Palestine The father of angel martyr is a doctor in Al-Sheyfa hospital, he didn't see his son since 8 days, but today he saw him , he kissed his little angel and returned to the emergency room to safe others lives , RIP Abedelrahman Na'em




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