Markiring mot Drap i Gaza -Fredag 23.11.2012- kl 14:30
Offentlig arrangement
fredag - 14:30
Invitasjon til protest foran utenriksdepartement
Fredag 23.11.2012
Vi protestere mot uttalelsene til utenriksministeren Espen Barth Eide.
Han uttalte seg støttende med hva det Israelske regime gjør i Gaza:
Sted: utenriksdepartement
Tid: Fredag 23.11.2012 kl. 14:30 til 16:00

Islamske råd
Det Islamske Forbundet I Norge
Den Palestinske Forening I Norge

تنظم الرابطة الإسلامية في النرويج بالتنسيق مع المجلس الإسلامي والجالية الفلسطينية في النرويج  اعتصاما أمام وزارة الخارجية بهدف الضغط على وزير خارجية النرويج لإعادة مسار الدعم لقضايانا العادلة
وذلك يوم الجمعة الموافق 23.11.2012 من الساعة 14.30 حتى 16.00
نرجو من الجميع المشاركة والدعم


 The demonstration will start 14:00 pm outside the Israeli embassy (not 13:30 otuside the Parlament as announced). The place outside the Parlament is busy.


تظاهرة أخرى يوم السبت الساعة الواحدة والنصف ظهرا تنطلق من أمام البرلمان النرويجي الى السفارة الصهيونية في أوسلو

 Oslo - March Against Israeli Crimes On Gaza

Stopp Israels terror mot Gaza nå!

Demonstration saturday 24th of November
13:30: In front of the parlament
14:00: In front of the Israeli embassy

Its simple: We will continue to march until Palestine is free. We will continue to be together and speak loudly for the silenced voices under siege and attack in Gaza, where innocent civilians have been murdered in cold blood by Israeli missiles. As of now 100+ have been murdered and 900+ injured, where is the justice there? Where is the peace there? Right! There isn't! That's why we will march to stop traffic, we will rally to force the world to open their eyes and recognize the racist, apartheid state terrorist Israel as it is: vicious, brutal, and murderous.

Vi møtes foran Stortinget kl 13:30 og går sammen til den israelske ambassaden.


Stopp Israels terror mot Gaza
Press okkupanten – ikke de okkuperte
Opphev blokaden av Gaza
Stopp norsk våpenhandel med Israel

Tilslutninger og forslag til appellanter kan sendes til

Monika Ustad:
Medhat Abbas: medhat.a.abbas@gmail

Bring flags, posters, flyers, friends, and your VOICES! Demonstrations are taking place around the world so it is up to us to maintain that presence here in OSLO and NORWAY in general - especially since we are in a country that has officially expressed its FULL Silence towards Israel's military actions. WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS.

Informational flyers will be posted so that you can print and bring them to distribute to the general public during the march.

Side note: This demonstration in no way means there will not be any rallies sooner or later, this demonstration is being planned ahead of time so that we have the BEST possible chance of reaching the largest number of people. Please keep your eyes and ears open for information about sooner demonstrations.


Quick fact sheet:

Invite EVERYONE - on Facebook, Twitter, by email, etc.

The initiative to make this demonstration comes from palestinians and egyptians in Norway.


# Al Dostour Partiet | Norge.
# Egypterne i Norge.
# Egyptisk kultursenter i norge.

Den Palestinske Forening I Norge
# Det Islamske Forbundet.
# Internasjonale sosialister.
# Palestinerleir.
# Blitz.
# Rød Ungdom.
# Rødt Oslo.
# Tjen folket - kommunistisk forbund
# Revolusjonær Kommunistisk forbund
# Palestinakomiteen i Oslo
# Palestinsk Kvinne Forening
# General Union of Palestinian Women Norway






العودة الى الصفحة الرئيسية - 21-11-2012