Extra financial assistance for swift return

Asylum seekers will now receive more financial support if they apply for voluntary return before expiry of the deadline.

Last updated 09.07.2010
Published 09.07.2010


From 1 July 2010, most of the people who return voluntarily will be offered graded reintegration support. This offer will apply until the end of the year. The idea is that the reintegration support will not just motivate people to return voluntarily, but that it will also motivate people to return sooner. 
- We believe that the offer of extra financial support will result in more people choosing to return earlier than is the case today, says Head of Department, Anne Siri Rustad of the Directorate of Immigration (UDI).

Support can be doubled

Under the old system, the amount offered in support was NOK 10,000, while the new, extended return programme offers up to NOK 20,000. The condition is that people apply for voluntary return before the deadline the police set for leaving Norway. 

Re-establishment in the home country

Reintegration support is intended for asylum seekers and persons without legal residence in Norway. The support is intended to make it easier for those who do not have a residence permit in Norway to return voluntarily by giving them financial assistance to re-establish themselves in their home country.
So far this year, 532 people have returned voluntarily.

Graded support

The new scheme works as follows:
1. NOK 20,000 is granted to persons who apply for voluntary return before the deadline for leaving Norway. This group also includes persons who apply before they have been given a deadline to leave Norway. 
2. NOK 15,000 is granted to persons who apply for voluntary return no later than two months after the expiry of the deadline for leaving Norway.
3. NOK 10,000 is granted to persons who wait longer than this.
There are separate return and reintegration programmes that offer more financial support for nationals of Afghanistan and Iraq.
More information about the extended reintegration support in several languages






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